Monday, 5 April 2010

Accessories Galore!

So I recently bought a pair of "Paparazzi" style GaGa glasses of the internet, which were sent all the way from LA and I absolutely LOVE them. My GaGa obsession is slowly spiralling out of control! Today the weather was crap, once again (we are never going to get a summer!), so I had to change my outfit from a nice wee shirt with a fairly swishy skirt, to my trusty DIY shorts and quite possibly one of my favourite tops ever. Today I felt like changing my rings up a bit, so I took off all my regular rings and decided to put them on one of my necklaces just so I didn't lose them, but I quite like it! It was quite nice wearing big chunky rings again today, although I find that sometimes people seem to be a bit intimidated by them like I'm about to punch them in the face. It's peculiar, I'm not going to hit anyone! I went shopping today and I've since realised I didn't buy ONE thing from the womans sections in all the shops I went to ahah! I ended up going to the River Island Men's section where everyone looked at me like I was absolutely crazy, but I got some absolute bargains in the sale! Two cardigans for £12 each and 2 t-shirts for £7. I also bought a very plain but very cosy black mens hoody from h&m for £20 pound which will most likely be worn to death! I may post some pictures of my buys soon, but I am currently drowning in uni work! Also, Im getting the urge to paint t-shirts just now, but like I said I should really get my uni work done!

Jacket-Superdry, T-shirt-River Island (£7 in the sale!), Shorts-DIY Levis (From Tkmaxx!), Sunglasses-Giant Vintage, Rings- The Cat's Miaow (The ones on my hand) , Earrings- Superdrug (!), Boots- Superdry

Song of the day-
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Dull Life (iTunes Originals Version)

Au Revoir!