Wednesday, 9 December 2009


So as the title suggests I am currently loving Lady GaGa's new material, the video for Bad Romance in particular, it sort of re-ignited my love of Alexander McQueen, especially those shoes.
They really are a love or hate thing, I adore them, but everyone I know thinks they are awful!

LOVVVE them, I think its the sparkle that attracts me to them, I'm like a magpie!

Looking at these Alexander McQueen beauties I went through previous seasons and found a couple of my favourites from some of those seasons.

These black peep toe boots are AWESOME. I want these so bad, they'd be perfect with black skinny jeans, black fitted shirt, leather jacket (black obviously) and....

This clutch.Truely incredible.
I love knuckledusters.

Currently I am also obssessed with Prince, and Purple Rain to be exact, the movie is..interesting...but the album is fantastic (Let's Go Crazy is currently my favourite track) as is Prince's outfit in the last scene, specifically the purple blazer with the shoulder pads and the studs on one side. Adore it. He is a legend.

Also just a few more images, all by Jean Charles Castelbajac which I just found today,

A bit more Prince!
I want this Andy Warhol dress, its clever, chic and hilarious all in one!!

Lipstick Bullets.

So that's all for tonight, my first blog with images aha!

Au Revoir!


Sunday, 29 November 2009

The birth of glitter, studs and sparkle!

Right, well bonjour!
So after having created a blog from my graphic design work I have decided to make a fashion blog, inspired by the likes of Park And Cube, Luxirare, Style Bubble, Cocorosa, 4th And Bleeker and Knight Cat, even though I could never be as awesome as them! I have a feeling that this blog will end up having a higher priority than my uni work, but hopefully it won't!So this is just an introduction to my blog, so I'll just list my fashion loves!

Karl Lagerfeld
John Galliano
Alexander McQueen
Hussien Chalayan
Alexander Wang
Ankle boots
Black liquid eyeliner
Skinny jeans
Jumper dresses
Geek chic
Gossip girl (Blair= LOVE but I dress far more like Jenny!)
Nail varnish
Hair clips
Baggy band tshirts
Las Vegas
New York
Dressing like men!
Bow ties
Musical influences-
The Killers (Brandon Flowers=blazers,sparkle,feathers,skinny jeans,boots...Las Vegas baby!)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Karen O=painfully cool)
The Kills (Alison Mosshart=More painfully cool than Karen O, skinny jeans, silver pointy ankle boots, leopard print, band tshirts, shirts and THAT HAIR!)
The Maccabees (Lovvvvvvvvve)
Slow Club (Cutsie kitsch outfits and a lovely fringe)
The Strokes (Soooooo cool.Julian Casablancas!)
Florence&The Machine (That RED hair!Florence is a force of nature!)
Lady Gaga (Yes it's cliché but she is taking pop somewhere else with her fashion, its not all a mindless vaccuum of nothingness like most pop.)
Gwen Stefani (So chic!)
The Teenagers (Dont know what to say, very obssessed with celebrity culture!)
Kings Of Leon (Nathan Followills glasses, skinny jeans, cowboy boots, white tees)
Crystal Castles (Black, black and more Alice.)
Lykke Li (She's awesome.)
Brody Dalle (Fierce!)
Courtney Love (She's mental but you cant go wrong with the fucked up blonde hair, messy eyeliner, baby doll dresses!Well you can go wrong on occassion, but shhh!)
More for style than music(!)-Katy Perry&The Veronicas

Matthew Gray Gubler (I want to be his friend!His glasses,art,acting,thoughts!)
Bret McKenzie
Noel Fielding
Alice In Wonderland (I know I know!)
Zooey Deschanel
Alexa Chung
Keira Knightley
Kate Moss
Sienna Miller
Mary Kate Olsen
Kat Dennings
Ellen Page
Scarlett Johannson
Juliette Lewis
Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn
and more that I cant remember!

So that's my list so far, I will make a more interesting blog next time I promise!

Au Revoir!