Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Leather studded awesome birthdays. Oh and some Chanel too.

As mentioned before, Im pretty far behind on posts, these are from the 4th of May, 2 days after my birthday which was when I got the most awesome jacket I have ever owned. Oh an some Chanel sunglasses. First Chanel item I've ever owned (bar perfume). To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. I cant explain how much I love this jacket from All Saints. It is AH-MAZING. Or as Rachel Zoe would say.."I DIE".

Jacket-All Saints, Tshirt-Pie In The Sky, DIY Shorts-River Island (Originally skinny jeans), Boots-eBay/Topshop, Sunglasses-Chanel

Song of the day (2nd song as this is 2 posts in one day/night)-
Julian Casablancas-River of Brakelights

Au Revoir!



Well Im pretty far behind on this, I took these photos in April, but yeah, Americana. I adore it. Also this top was an awesome find in the mens sale section in River Island (I got the obligatory crazy look for being in the mens section) , got it in a large for £7, cant really see a guy wearing it but hey who knows! Denim jacket was a bargain find my my mother, £7 in the charity shop, I had been searching for a cheap won for ages, so it was a nice surprise when my mum came back with one for me! Since I last updated, I have been to Egypt, got very ill, went to Rockness (OMG The Strokes were AH-MAZING. And I always love The Maccabees), destroyed my HOH tights at Rockness and can no longer find any pairs, but more about all that later! Also those are one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses, got them on Asos in the sale about a year ago for £5. Love them! Love those Zara shorts too, gotta have me some studs!

Tshirt-River Island (Mens), Shorts-Zara, Tights-Boots, Shoes-Converse, Jacket-Charity shop, Sunglasses-Asos, "Alice" Necklace-Gift from my mum :) (She loves Sex in the City)

Song of the day-
The Strokes-You Talk Way Too Much
(Quelle surprise!)

Au Revoir!


Friday, 7 May 2010

HOH love.

I may have bought a pair of these today. Had to order them cause they dont have black in John Lewis. Also had to order them because Henry Holland put on twitter that there was only about 10 pairs left. I couldn't not get them right? Also slightly gutted because he has also just mentioned on twitter that he will be in Glasgow tomorrow. And Im working all day. Beyond gutted. BOO. Aw well I'll have to wait for Frock Me on Sunday for my HH dose along with some Chung :) !

Song of the minute-
Sky Ferreira-17 (Told you I was obsessed, youtube the video, she's awesome)

Short shorts and layers. Contradiction?

Well Uni has been ridiculously hectic and due to my crappy time management skills I have been a disaster. But its all sorted now, however I know have quite a few photos from various days of my outfits so here we go! I have a feeling this was a pretty cold day to be honest even though the shorts definitely dont scream this ahah! I love shorts, as most my post show, and these are by far my favourite, they were a pair of levi jeans I got from tkmaxx when I was about 14 for about £20 and I fearfully cut them last year, they were like long shorts, decided I ended up looking a bit strange so turned them into short shorts. Although I liked them I was a bit ambivalent towards them, then my fantastic mother bought this cheap studding machine with really cheesy pink gems etc. BUT they also had various gold and silver studs, and this was the perfect thing to feed my stud addiction! So ta-da and we have a "brand new" pair of short shorts that I love! A few weeks after I saw a similar pair for £50 in Topshop, I have to say I felt a little bit smug! Anyway that was quite a long way of saying the shorts were customised. I adore this t-shirt too, I love the sort of old school horror feel it gives off, it kind of makes me think of the glamour/horror that the Rocky Horror Picture Show has. Which I love. Also seen as these photos are from about a month ago my "song of the day" shall be one that I currently like quite a lot.

Jacket-Superdry, T-shirt-River Island (sale £7), Jersey Blazer-H&M (sale £10), DIY Shorts-Levis/TkMaxx, Tights-Boots, Boots-Topshop/eBay (£25!!)

Song of the day-
The Virgins-Teen Lovers (The Shoes&Sky Ferreira Remix)
I am slightly more than obsessed with Sky Ferreira. I love her.

Au Revoir!


Monday, 5 April 2010

Accessories Galore!

So I recently bought a pair of "Paparazzi" style GaGa glasses of the internet, which were sent all the way from LA and I absolutely LOVE them. My GaGa obsession is slowly spiralling out of control! Today the weather was crap, once again (we are never going to get a summer!), so I had to change my outfit from a nice wee shirt with a fairly swishy skirt, to my trusty DIY shorts and quite possibly one of my favourite tops ever. Today I felt like changing my rings up a bit, so I took off all my regular rings and decided to put them on one of my necklaces just so I didn't lose them, but I quite like it! It was quite nice wearing big chunky rings again today, although I find that sometimes people seem to be a bit intimidated by them like I'm about to punch them in the face. It's peculiar, I'm not going to hit anyone! I went shopping today and I've since realised I didn't buy ONE thing from the womans sections in all the shops I went to ahah! I ended up going to the River Island Men's section where everyone looked at me like I was absolutely crazy, but I got some absolute bargains in the sale! Two cardigans for £12 each and 2 t-shirts for £7. I also bought a very plain but very cosy black mens hoody from h&m for £20 pound which will most likely be worn to death! I may post some pictures of my buys soon, but I am currently drowning in uni work! Also, Im getting the urge to paint t-shirts just now, but like I said I should really get my uni work done!

Jacket-Superdry, T-shirt-River Island (£7 in the sale!), Shorts-DIY Levis (From Tkmaxx!), Sunglasses-Giant Vintage, Rings- The Cat's Miaow (The ones on my hand) , Earrings- Superdrug (!), Boots- Superdry

Song of the day-
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Dull Life (iTunes Originals Version)

Au Revoir!


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Blazer, Mint Green & Flowers

So today, there was fake sun again, so I opted for proper tights so I didn't freeze to death! Im still trying to dress for Spring, even though it doesn't seem like we're ever going to get it, Im hoping if I dress for it, it will come haha! Im a little bit in love with that mint green colour of my skirt, it makes me crave ice cream. The skirt was a complete bargain find at H&M, £7 ! Its high waisted and a little bit big for me which makes it ride up a ridiculous amount when you walk aha! The boots are quite possibly my favourite shoes ever, I've pretty much worn them for 2 years straight, and unfortunately they're beginning to fall apart :( ! I hope I can get them fixed though, so yeah, SPRING COME TO EDINBURGH!!! (The first two photos are in my mums room again, and the last fairly posy photo is in my room!)

Jacket-AB10, T-shirt-Zara, Skirt-H&M, Tights-No idea, Boots-Superdry

Song of the day-
Jet-Get What You Need

Au Revoir!


Monday, 22 March 2010

Pink, leather & lace

My first ever outfit photos, apologies for the crap photos, I didnt realise that taking full body shots would be so difficult to do ahahah, it ain't easy to fit the whole of me in my camera! Also the first 2 photos were taken in my mums room, the mess is not mine! I was attempting a slight grunge but a little bit girly (the pink top&nails) look today because the sun was shining. Never trust the sun in Edinburgh though, I was bloody freezing in those tights! It was also the first outing for my newly customised old trainers!

Top-Topshop, Jacket-Superdry, Skirt-Warehouse, Tights-Topshop, Shoes-Customised and I have no idea where I originally got them from!

Song of the day-
Lady GaGa-Monster

Au Revoir!


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Studs at 4am.

I was wrestling through my very un-organised shoe collection recently, just for the hell of it, and came across these really old tatty pair of fake leather converse rip-offs. I loved these shoes, super comfy but they look rather boring. I also remembered that I've had a bag full of old studs which I pain-stakingly took of two very emo belts I used to own thinking I would use them for something eventually! Eventually happened aha! So yeah, started studding these trainers, I had to press each stud in to place to imprint the fake leather and then cut through each imprint with a scalpel. Then I pushed the studs through and bent the spokes (is that the word...?) with a pair of studs making sure they were properly attached to the shoe. (I know the second photo is pretty lame, but I just wanted to show what the side of the shoe looked like before!) I am super happy with them, even though it took an age and my fingers are pretty messed up (I was half asleep when I finished them, 4am scalpel in hand-not the best idea!) I am considering continuing the big studs all the way down the tongue to the plastic toe cap, although I dont have enough studs just now so I'd have to go on a hunt to find the right sized ones..

I have also decided to add a "song of the day" on my blog, even though I rarely update it, I will try though!
Soooo todays is....

Song of the day
The Killers-Midnight Show (Acoustic) (which I can only seem to find on youtube..!)

Au Revoir!


Friday, 12 February 2010

McQueen I love you.

What a shock, I can't quite believe it. Quite possibly the best designer of our generation is dead. McQueen forever

Rest in Peace.