Wednesday, 9 December 2009


So as the title suggests I am currently loving Lady GaGa's new material, the video for Bad Romance in particular, it sort of re-ignited my love of Alexander McQueen, especially those shoes.
They really are a love or hate thing, I adore them, but everyone I know thinks they are awful!

LOVVVE them, I think its the sparkle that attracts me to them, I'm like a magpie!

Looking at these Alexander McQueen beauties I went through previous seasons and found a couple of my favourites from some of those seasons.

These black peep toe boots are AWESOME. I want these so bad, they'd be perfect with black skinny jeans, black fitted shirt, leather jacket (black obviously) and....

This clutch.Truely incredible.
I love knuckledusters.

Currently I am also obssessed with Prince, and Purple Rain to be exact, the movie is..interesting...but the album is fantastic (Let's Go Crazy is currently my favourite track) as is Prince's outfit in the last scene, specifically the purple blazer with the shoulder pads and the studs on one side. Adore it. He is a legend.

Also just a few more images, all by Jean Charles Castelbajac which I just found today,

A bit more Prince!
I want this Andy Warhol dress, its clever, chic and hilarious all in one!!

Lipstick Bullets.

So that's all for tonight, my first blog with images aha!

Au Revoir!