Friday, 7 May 2010

Short shorts and layers. Contradiction?

Well Uni has been ridiculously hectic and due to my crappy time management skills I have been a disaster. But its all sorted now, however I know have quite a few photos from various days of my outfits so here we go! I have a feeling this was a pretty cold day to be honest even though the shorts definitely dont scream this ahah! I love shorts, as most my post show, and these are by far my favourite, they were a pair of levi jeans I got from tkmaxx when I was about 14 for about £20 and I fearfully cut them last year, they were like long shorts, decided I ended up looking a bit strange so turned them into short shorts. Although I liked them I was a bit ambivalent towards them, then my fantastic mother bought this cheap studding machine with really cheesy pink gems etc. BUT they also had various gold and silver studs, and this was the perfect thing to feed my stud addiction! So ta-da and we have a "brand new" pair of short shorts that I love! A few weeks after I saw a similar pair for £50 in Topshop, I have to say I felt a little bit smug! Anyway that was quite a long way of saying the shorts were customised. I adore this t-shirt too, I love the sort of old school horror feel it gives off, it kind of makes me think of the glamour/horror that the Rocky Horror Picture Show has. Which I love. Also seen as these photos are from about a month ago my "song of the day" shall be one that I currently like quite a lot.

Jacket-Superdry, T-shirt-River Island (sale £7), Jersey Blazer-H&M (sale £10), DIY Shorts-Levis/TkMaxx, Tights-Boots, Boots-Topshop/eBay (£25!!)

Song of the day-
The Virgins-Teen Lovers (The Shoes&Sky Ferreira Remix)
I am slightly more than obsessed with Sky Ferreira. I love her.

Au Revoir!


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