Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Well Im pretty far behind on this, I took these photos in April, but yeah, Americana. I adore it. Also this top was an awesome find in the mens sale section in River Island (I got the obligatory crazy look for being in the mens section) , got it in a large for £7, cant really see a guy wearing it but hey who knows! Denim jacket was a bargain find my my mother, £7 in the charity shop, I had been searching for a cheap won for ages, so it was a nice surprise when my mum came back with one for me! Since I last updated, I have been to Egypt, got very ill, went to Rockness (OMG The Strokes were AH-MAZING. And I always love The Maccabees), destroyed my HOH tights at Rockness and can no longer find any pairs, but more about all that later! Also those are one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses, got them on Asos in the sale about a year ago for £5. Love them! Love those Zara shorts too, gotta have me some studs!

Tshirt-River Island (Mens), Shorts-Zara, Tights-Boots, Shoes-Converse, Jacket-Charity shop, Sunglasses-Asos, "Alice" Necklace-Gift from my mum :) (She loves Sex in the City)

Song of the day-
The Strokes-You Talk Way Too Much
(Quelle surprise!)

Au Revoir!


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