Sunday, 21 March 2010

Studs at 4am.

I was wrestling through my very un-organised shoe collection recently, just for the hell of it, and came across these really old tatty pair of fake leather converse rip-offs. I loved these shoes, super comfy but they look rather boring. I also remembered that I've had a bag full of old studs which I pain-stakingly took of two very emo belts I used to own thinking I would use them for something eventually! Eventually happened aha! So yeah, started studding these trainers, I had to press each stud in to place to imprint the fake leather and then cut through each imprint with a scalpel. Then I pushed the studs through and bent the spokes (is that the word...?) with a pair of studs making sure they were properly attached to the shoe. (I know the second photo is pretty lame, but I just wanted to show what the side of the shoe looked like before!) I am super happy with them, even though it took an age and my fingers are pretty messed up (I was half asleep when I finished them, 4am scalpel in hand-not the best idea!) I am considering continuing the big studs all the way down the tongue to the plastic toe cap, although I dont have enough studs just now so I'd have to go on a hunt to find the right sized ones..

I have also decided to add a "song of the day" on my blog, even though I rarely update it, I will try though!
Soooo todays is....

Song of the day
The Killers-Midnight Show (Acoustic) (which I can only seem to find on youtube..!)

Au Revoir!



  1. Great job!!I was thinking of doing that myself :)

  2. Thanks :)! Yeah, definitely worth the time it took to spruce up a pair of very old trainers aha!